This area offers a wide range of services, including the survey of liquids or solids in bulk, such as fertilizers, grains or vegetal oil.
The scope of the survey varies from weight control, sampling, shipment and unloading control, quality control, laboratory, cleanliness of tanks and weight as regard draught.


This service is performed on ships (warehouses/tanks) as well as containers and wagons (railway or trucks), to assure that areas assigned to transport food products are:

  • Free from smell, dirtiness or waste due to previous loadings;
  • Sure in relation to the kind of loading to be transported;
  • Also applicable to control of facilities on ground, such as warehouses, silos and tanks.


This service includes:

  • Control of loading and unloading operations at ports, terminals, warehouses, silos, etc.
  • Weight, sampling at silos and warehouse areas.
  • Control over loadings and unloadings in bulk and containers in ships, docks, bonded warehouses or private ones.
  • Photographic report of the operation.
  • Survey of cool load, in bulks or containers.
  • Survey on draughts, fuels and on-off hire (draft survey).
  • Careful control performed by P&D’s surveyors, giving guarantee of:

    • Adequate manipulation of goods during load, transport and storage.
    • Accurate determination of weight and completely representative samples
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