P & D CONTROL GROUP SRL is enabled as the controller and Certification in the areas of oil and petroleum products, chemicals and minerals.
Supervise and certify the processes of reception, storage and / or shipment to the Oil, Agriculture and Mining, verification and attestation of quality and quantity.
Knowing that we can offer a service to maximize the quality and efficiency of our customers is that we have qualified professional staff for these tasks. Our team includes inspectors with extensive experience in the industries under consideration, addressing the needs of our customers throughout Argentina. To this end, our company has operating bases in: Bahía Blanca-Bell-Dock Sud-La Plata-San Nicolas Zarate-Necochea, Mar del Plata, Comodoro Rivadavia, Puerto Madryn, Trelew-Caleta Cordova-Caleta Olivia Caleta Paula.

P & D Control Group S.R.L. is registered in:
- P&D Control Group S.R.L. | Perú 277 Piso 3 Of. Nº 2 Capital Federal CP C1067AAE | Tel/Fax: 54 11 4331-5992 | 54 11 4342-2599/4924 | opsargentina@pdgroup.com.ar